The Flag of James I (England) and VI (Scotland) 1620


The Mayflower Ancestors of Mary Louise Hocker McIlwain

 (Sailed on the Mayflower from Plymouth, England16th September 1620)

            1.  John Alden, a barrel maker, probably from England, was hired in England to work for the Mayflower Company        on the Mayflower.  Governor Bradford wrote “John Alden was hired as a cooper at South-Hampton “where the ship victuled;  and being a hopeful yong man was much desired, but he left to his owne liking to, or stay when he came here, but he stayed, and maryed here”.  He was one of the most diligent and faithful men in Plymouth Colony, and lived to be about 88 years old.

            2.  Peter Brown, from Dorking, Surrey, England, was one of the passengers who may have come for religious reasons.  In the Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts is a wooden mug of his.  His brother, John, also came later to live in the Plymouth Colony.  Peter Brown came as a single man, but married twice in the Colony.  He knew the Mullins family in Dorking,and may have named his daughter, Priscilla, after Priscilla Mullins.


3.  Alice Mullins, wife of William Mullins, Dorking, Surrey, England, died during the winter of 1620-1621.  We have visited the building in Dorking, Surrey, England where the Mullins family lived before the adventure across the Atlantic.  It is a large brick building, thought to have held a shoe factory.  An antique store occupies the ground level of the building.


            4.  William Mullins, boot and shoemaker and merchant, lived in Dorking, Surrey, England.  Governor Bradford wrote that “Mr. Mullins and his wife, his son and his servant died the first winter.  Only his daughter, Priscilla, survived, and married John Alden”.  William Mullins bought shares in the Pilgrims’ joint stock company and was a “Merchant Adventurer”.  He brought, on the Mayflower, a large inventory of shoes and boots which he planned to trade or sell to the Indians.


            5.  Priscilla Mullins, daughter of Alice and William Mullins, married John Alden in Plymouth, and became the mother of ten or eleven children.  John and Priscilla Alden probably have the largest number of descendants of any Mayflower passengers, but they have stiff competition from Richard Warren.


            6.  Miles Standish, possibly born Ellenbane, Isle of Man, was a Captain and military leader of Plymouth Colony.  His sword and a chair are in the Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  In that museum is also an embroidered sampler done by his daughter, Lorah.  He left a small library in his estate.


            7.  Richard Warren, English, Merchant Adventurer, had five daughters and a wife, Elizabeth, who followed in 1623.  Their great carved, wooden bed is in the Mayflower headquarters in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  He was among the wealthier of the original Plymouth settlers, and was said to be “of London”.